Strafin Corporate

Tax Compliance and
Tax Advice

Our team of qualified experts offers tax compliance services for domestic and international activities. Through our external tax advisory partner, we are able to provide you specialist and cross border tax structuring advice. They can also assess your current structures to ensure they comply with the OECD’s BEPS principles.

We can assist
in the following:

Corporate and personal tax compliance (preparation and filing where appropriate) (préparation et dépôt le cas échéant)

Tax advice for cross-border transactions (through our external partners) (par l’intermédiaire de nos partenaires externes)

Strafin Corporate

Tax Compliance and
Tax Advice

Value Added Tax (VAT) registration and obtaining a Tax Account Number (TAN) from the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).

Tax calculation, preparation and filing of income tax returns, PAYE returns, withholding tax payments, VAT returns and Advance Payment System (APS) returns.

Facilitating the settlement of tax liabilities and liaising with the MRA on tax matters.

Application for tax residence certificate (TRC).

Tax structuring for cross-border activities, mergers and acquisitions

Corporate and company restructurings

Tax planning in respect of international structures and transactions

Opinions on Mauritian taxation

Review of agreements, contracts and other commercial documents from a tax perspective

Assistance in tax disputes